Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2012 World Series of Poker

It's about time for me to begin blogging again as I've returned to Vegas for the 2012 WSOP.  Expect a decent amount of updates over the next 6 weeks chronicling my massive success (or likely failures) in attemtps to win a bracelet.

I'm playing a lot of poker tournaments.  I find them very boring for the most part, but I wake up every morning feeling like a champion and head to the Rio for 12 hours of torture.  I've also brought many hats with me, which I find are very important to wear during poker so the other players can not get a read on my emotional state.

Here's me looking very stylish recently...

Well, I wrote that intro about 2 weeks ago when the summer was just beginning and some stuff has happened since.  Let me catch you up on this "stuff".

We're making some runs in some tournaments.  When I say we I'm of course talking about team hermoso, the house of guys I'm crashing with this summer.  Here's a quick recap:

- Derek and Sadan kicked things off in the very first no limit event by finishing 26th and 22nd respectively out of about 3000 people.  Both picked up around $15k for their efforts.

- I decided to play the $1500 limit omaha 8/b tournament despite having limited experience in the game.  I found it quite easy however and made a pretty deep run ultimately finishing in 19th place.  Here's me looking very confused while all in on day 3.

- Next up for me was the $1500 no-limit re-entry event that got a whopping  3500 players or so and had what will likely be one of the largest top prizes all summer at over $800,000.  I had a pretty awesome run in this event and with 50 left I played a pot that would have put me in the top 3 in chips had I won.  Unfortunately, I lost the pot and was eliminated in 50th place, but it was a great feeling going that deep in a huge field holdem event.

This seems to be getting a bit long, and the next one will likely be a lengthy post as well as I'm going to write a ton about the 10k pot limit holdem final table that I just made.  

But to close this one out, here's a nice fellow from the television that Sadan spotted at the Rio.  We ended up playing a bunch of 3-card-poker with this fine gentleman, and he assured us that Kenny Powers is a pretty awesome guy.


  1. Good to see you back to blogging about being a lollive pro!

    Good luck in the series!

  2. hey man, could you tell me what's the name of the bird you have in your avatar on 2+2 forum ? yo